According to the US Department of Energy, “About 90% of the energy used for washing clothes is for heating the water. There are two ways to reduce the amount of energy used for washing clothes–use less water and use cooler water.” Go green by using switching to cold water washes. Your clothes still get clean. If you don’t want completely commit to cold washes, just wash the clothes that you are particularly worried about, such as underwear and pillowcases, in hot or warm water, and wash the rest in cold.Did you know that the majority of households keep their chargers plugged in? Your mobile phone charger, iPod or iPhone Charger. Any charger left plugged in twenty four seven will keep charging your electrical bill as well. Do yourself a huge favor, unplug your digital clocks and make sure you turn off all the night lights when you leave for work. They do indeed consume high amount of energy. Please turn off the computer screen when not in use. All these small thing consume 5% of your electrical bill.